Why choose Hardrace?

When it comes to racing, Hardrace can not be topped. Professional racers have tested and proven that these products are of the highest quality. While driving, quality and stability are some key factors for an enjoyable journey. From being able to reduce the lean/tilt while maneuvering around tight corners at a fast speed to an increase of responsiveness from the breaks are also very important. With Hardrace, all of these key elements are covered and will provide you with top quality parts for a top-performing car! At All4Honda, a 15-year-old specialist in tuning and styling cars, Hardrace products are available to purchase.

Why are top quality products important?

The last thing you want to happen while racing is for something to go wrong. Perhaps the breaks don’t respond fast enough, resulting in a crash. This could leave your car and/or yourself damaged. This is why having top quality products is always important! Only when these products are installed in your car, you are guaranteeing yourself to a more safe and secure drive. With Hardrace, every product is 100% tested with a Roterless Rheometer and a Tensile Strength Tester. These tests ensure that every Hardrace product comes with no flaws and will provide the best protection for both yourself and your car. Being able to stop potential disasters is always important, and this is guaranteed when you purchase from Hardrace! 

Products available at All4Honda

A wide variety of Hardrace products are available at All4Honda. Ball Joints to create a flatter turn; Bushing Kits to increase suspension feel; upper and lower adjustable arms, Camber arms, and Traction arms also help regulate the movement of the wheel while turning a corner. Also available are Spherical Bearings, Pillow Balls, Sway Bars, Accessories and much more! This is but only a handful of products that are available. Every aspect of racing is greatly increased when Hardrace is involved. For more information about Hardrace and all products, feel free to visit All4Honda Hardrace collection!