Used marine gearboxes

Used Marine Gearboxes

There are a variety of used marine gearboxes to choose from when you want to buy. Prices range depending on the capacity and horsepower needed. All marine gearboxes sold are well serviced and inspected based on international marine standards. Technicians are well versed in maritime technology, which assures you of safety and standard working procedures.


WGF 760 – manufactured in 1993, this marine gearbox produces 1795 HP to make 1000RPM. Its controls are electric and weigh 2660 kgs.

WGV 401 – It is a relatively smaller gearbox, producing 1350 HP and 900RPM. The controls are mechanical, with the total weight being 2900kgs.

WAV 1400 – it is one of the classic gearboxes manufactured in 1980. It weighs 2670kgs and runs on mechanical controls. The gearbox produces 1200HP and 900 RPMs.

BGA 300B – it is the oldest among the 4, dating back to 1979. Although it produces relatively low power (480HP), it has the higher RPMs (1800) if you pit it with its peers.

Used marine gearboxes


MG-514C – this gearbox produces 380HP on mechanical controls and yields 1800 RPMs. It weighs 519 kgs, making it one of the smallest used marine gearboxes in the collection.

MG-5050 SC – This model produces 140HP but gives out 1800RPMS. It weighs 90 kgs, making it one of the smallest marine gearboxes in the collection.

MG-5061 – it produces 2100, which is one of the fastest revolutions per minute in this collection. The power produced is 270HP, running on mechanical controls.

MG-6848 – it is a hybrid gearbox, running on either mechanical or electrical controls. RPMs are 1800, while the power released is 1676 HPs.

Other used marine gearboxes on offer include the ZF Series, MEKANORD 430-2HS K, MASSON series, MM Series, PAY & BRINCK series. Choose a serviced one that fits your specification and buy it.