What are ACL Bearings?

While racing, the worst thing to worry about is wear and tear. Higher driving speeds can lead to quality loss, thus losing out on optimum speed. That is where ACL Bearings can help. These reduce the grinding of components that surround the crankshaft, resulting in less erosion. They also provide better stability while driving at higher RPMs and/or during higher turbo-boosting. Lastly, ACL Bearings increase the oil flow that is pumped through a car by providing oil pumps. This means that a car will keep going for longer! These products can be found through All4Honda, a company that specializes in tuning, styling and replacing parts!

Best quality ACL Bearings

When looking for products for racing cars, you want the best. So what are the top quality ACL Bearings on the market? For the most optimum performance, the Race Series ACL Bearings cannot be beaten. These bad boys can withstand high speeds and can be purchased for either 4, 6 or 8 applications. These ACL Bearings are created from different layers of metal for stability. A thin layer of Copper provides improved fatigue performance; A Nickel barrier for protection; A high strength copper-lead barrier and a steel backing that greatly supports the bearing lining and keeps them in place.

A load-carrying surface is also greatly improved due to each bearing having a ¾ groove. This allows the oil to flow to the conrod bearings. Compared to other leading ACL Bearings (for example, Duraglide), the load-carrying capacity for Race Series Bearings is increased by about 15%! This means you can not go wrong with selecting ACL Race Series Bearings!

More information

Wanting to find out more information about ACL Bearings and how they can benefit you? Then you can look up the All4Honda ACL Bearings collection, where you will find more in-depth information about these products and the technical