second hand buses

Second Hand Buses

Womy Equipment Supply is a company with 25 years of experience stocking second hand buses, used trucks, cranes, cars, equipment and parts. They have stocked hundreds of used buses of the leading international brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and many others. Because of their experience in the business, they have become ideal business partners.

Variety of Used Buses Offered

Over the past years, Womy Company has built up a wide network of distributors that help provide the full package of used buses you desire. They have subcategories of the second hand buses they can offer, thus specifying the possibilities they are able to offer. These subcategories include used city buses, mini buses, and intercity buses. Considering the different used bus sizes, Womy tries to be much more flexible in order to fulfill all the necessities for your transportation defects.

Low Prices on High-Quality Buses and services

As we have seen above, Womy has over 25 years of experience now. This means they have maximum experience and can provide solid after-sales solutions to all the customers who have purchased second hand buses. Because their stocked buses are from top brands, they are quality buses. They have unbreakable relations with suppliers hence they are able to offer sharp prices for all spare parts so that your second hand bus can be kept in a working condition.

second hand buses

How to Filter Used Buses

Womy filters second hand buses by availability and mileage. This helps the buyers identify the buses they want quickly and effectively. The year of manufacture of a bus can help you choose the right bus based on the mileage. With this, you can be sure to select the bus that entirely meets your needs. Additionally, if you are looking for a second hand bus with a specific year of construction, it is easy to find it at Womy.

For proper maintenance of a second hand bus, they offer various service solutions done by professional technicians in their workshop or within your location.