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How to make your job description SEO friendly

Maybe you have a company or you’re a recruiter working for a company. A job description needs to be written cause you need to hire new people. How do you go about that? And how do you optimize it in terms of search engine optimization (SEO)? The latter is important cause increasingly people find jobs online through search engines. This article will tell you more about how you can make your job description more SEO friendly.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

When you read this you may be familiar with search engine optimization. Perhaps you are even an SEO professional. Or you may not even know what SEO is. In case you do not know what SEO is, we will explain the concept briefly to you.

When you find information on the Internet, you typically use a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! or DuckDuckGo. Even when you do not use one of these typical search engines, for example when you use Linkedin, Glassdoor, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, these platforms will provide you with content that is delivered to you by an algorithm that is broadly speaking similar to those employed by Google, Bing, Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo.

The way you write the content that you provide these platforms with makes a big difference in their ability to find you. When you use a slightly different term, for example, that almost means the same thing, will result in you being able to be found by more people if that alternative word is searched by more people. SEO is about increasing the ability of people who may be interested in the content you put out to find it.

What does SEO have to do with a job description?

There may be certain words that get searched more often when people search for job opportunities than others. Optimizing for the right words in the job description will help more suitable candidates to find your vacancy.

According to Textmetrics.com, SEO is especially important if your organization values diversity and inclusion. The SEO optimzation makes it easier for all potential candidates to find the vacancy for which you are writing a job description.