Elements to Look Out for in Finding Good Used Marine Generator Sets

Machines can be expensive if acquired brand new, but with the right specifications, one can find a good used marine generator sets. For this, you need a credible contractor to value, orient and commission the generator before purchase, thanks to the harsh marine climate. There are different types of used engines on offer with unique specifications, and it is up to the customers to decide which brand to go with. The most popular brands are Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Volvo Penta, Detroit Diesel, Scania and MWM. We have smaller engines of 200HP to as large as 2000HP.

The Models of Generators Stocked

Mitsubishi has the S6B–PTA engine which is 300kW HP powered, and the S12R PTA brand which is 1500 kW powered. Both are in good working condition, and ready for sale.

The Volvo Penta is the common brand in-store. Some of the engines models available are the D12D-BMH and the TAMD-122A. These two engines have smaller HP engines and are common with smaller marine vessels.

The Caterpillar is also a common brand. There is the 3508 DITA engine, the D398B. These are mid-table horsepower engines ranging between 500 and 900. The brand is big and synonymous with efficiency.

In store, there are also the Detroit Diesel engines; 16V-149TI and 16V-92TA. These used marine generator sets have a high horsepower of between 1300 and 1400HP, making them ideal for mid-size vessels.

Other brands in the vault include the MWM TBD 440, Baudouin 6M26SR, Cummins NTA and John Deere. All are in perfect shape for resale.

We offer the best deals in the sector and have networks all over Europe. Our products are properly evaluated by engineers who are well versed in maritime technology and engineering.

Our Generators Come with the Following Services

1. Quality control measures – all the used marine generator sets we sell are passed through the mandatory quality checks. This process is used to ascertain their physical and operations state. The practice ensures the quality of machines and its estimated life span.

2. Logistical Support – in case the machine is far from the customer, we have a logistics arm that can help deliver it at the doorsteps. If the generator has to be exported, we have channels to ensure timely delivery, and in good shape.

3. Variety – we stock all the recognised brands within the industry. The development of the generators is unique across the brands, and whichever the specification, all you will need can be found. Be it as famous as the Scania or the Volvo, or the effective MAN, we all have you covered.

4. Specialties in engine technology – the people responsible for processing, valuation, engineering and testing are professional in their respective fields. The customer is assured value for money is he or she purchases the generator from us.