financial services marketing

Automate financial services marketing using specialized marketing software

It is common practice for any financial institution to have it’s clients fill out hours worth of paperwork only to then have it reviewed for hours by employees of said financial institution. That usually means any marketing campaigns are unthinkable as they would overload your employees. With financial services marketing software however, that is a concept of the past.

financial services marketing

Automate company workflows using Encode

Thanks to Encode’s marketing software solutions it is now possible to automate workflows in both the marketing and the reviewing process for financial institutions. Design your campaigns quicker and easier using marketing prefabs. Produce physical materials by automating order requests to and from specified suppliers. Roll out your campaign through preset channels and manage it using specialized analysis and reporting tools. Don’t forget the automated scheduling in your planning framework that keeps track of every task that is planned from design to execution. The planning framework also provides functions that allow you to make long and short term plans.

Reduce employee load by automating reviewing processes using tailor made software which can detect anything a human can and more. Allow your employees to spend more time on client relations and marketing strategy to allow your company to grow explosively.

Add-on features

As a financial institution, your company will be handling a ton of very private documents. Leave it up to Encode to keep these documents private using Encode Proofing software. Whether your company uses Encode software or not, online proofing software is vital the the digital age.