bamboo daybed

Are you looking for a bamboo daybed? TineK Home might be the place for you

Looking for a nice daybed to lay your feet up after a long summer day of work? You might want to consider getting a bamboo daybed over other, more conventional materials. Bamboo has both aesthetic, economic and ecologic benefits. Foremost is the beautiful rustic sensation that a a bamboo framework can give off. Besides the good looks, bamboo is usually considerably cheaper than other hardwoods as it’s production line is significantly smaller than other wooden materials. 

bamboo daybed

Environmentally friendly

Bamboo can easily and very quickly grow without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. That means the materials don’t have to be cleaned before it is used in human or animal environments. In other words it is healthier and cheaper due to the reduction in production line.

Where most wooden trees require multiple decades to mature, bamboo only takes 3 to 5 years to fully grow. That means that it is the best qualified renewable material. Especially compared to wood. The short growth time also means that demand will never exceed supply.

Another advantage of using bamboo daybeds and other bamboo objects is the reduction of the use of wood, allowing for trees to survive and recycle more CO2 into oxygen.