Edge rounding machine

Edge rounding machine

All owners in the finishing and cutting machinery industry are aware of the huge burring problem. It can do a lot of damage to the different machine parts and even can become a danger to the manual workers. Because safety and health is a major factor in the industry, the use of machines should be monitored carefully for wear. There is a maximum length of using the machinery without proper maintenance and machines who doesn’t function smooth all the time can cause a great loss of time and money. A great solution to overcome the burring issues is the Edge rounding machine, developed by the “Q-fin” company

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Advantages of the edge rounding machine

The Q-fin rounding machine has been designed for carefully re-sculpting of the worn equipment edges and is preventing this way losing money on buying new machines. It is also preventing extremely sharp machine parts so the workers can be safely handling the machines at all times. By having smooth surface and equipment, the production process can be continued at all times and will deliver perfect high quality products. For more information about the advantages of investing in the edge rounding machine, you can contact the Q-fin company team whenever you prefer.

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